Global Spyware Pandemic

The threat of spyware continues to grow, according to the latest State of Spyware report issued by Webroot today.

The report claims that average home computer in the UK is infected with 18.1 instances of spyware, giving the UK the highest concentration of spyware infections in Europe, and puts it third on a global scale, behind the US, with 24.4 infections on average, and Thailand, with 18.7.

The survey showed that an average of 72 per cent of home computers were infected, down sequentially from the previous quarter’s 83 per cent and last year’s high of 92 per cent.

Calling the problem a global pandemic, Webroot notes that 48% of enterprise PCs are infected with adware. Although the actual percentage of infected PCs has, according to Webroot, has remained roughly stable, the scale of the infections has grown. The company found that the average enterprise PC had 3.9 adware infections in the third quarter of this year, up from 3.6 in the previous quarter.

Webroot Software State of Spyware report

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