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Broadband Internet Speed test

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What is your Internet speed? Test your Internet connection speed with the Broadband Internet Speed test and find out the actual download speed of your broadband connection.

The Broadband Internet Speed test works by sending lots of data as fast as possible to your computer, and works with any browser.
The speedtest works regardless of the speed of your connection, from 56k modems, through DSL and cable to high speed broadband fiber connections.
Remember to come back and take the Internet Speed test regularly to create an average for your connection. This will provide you with accurate assessment of your broadband Internet connection's actual speed.
Add a bookmark for this site now and remember to come back at least weekly.

Why test your speed? For modern day applications like VoIP, or Internet phone, you need to have bandwidth available to ensure phone call quality.

After the speedtest you can read about tuning your Internet connection. There are plenty of settings to change to improve your download speed.
Are you really getting your money's worth on your Internet connection?
Can your ISP deliver the bandwidth they promise, and which you pay for?
Get ready to test your connection, with the Broadband Internet Speed test.

Come back and test your broadband Internet connection speed as often as you like.
Taking the Internet Speed test is free and unlimited!

The Broadband Internet Speed test takes approximately 10 seconds to complete. Please be patient and do not to load other websites in the background, to make sure your results of the speed test are as accurate as possible.

Start the Broadband Internet Speed test now!

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