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Since the start of this site there has been an amazing 921225 speed tests performed, with a grand total of 2435,36 GB downloaded. The average speed is 244,54 kbps.

0 speed tests performed from your IP address, the average speed being 0 kbps.

We've served your IP address with a grand total of MB of speed test data!

This server is located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We've happily served bandwidth since june 2000 to Internet users curious to know their download speed. What if the 2435,36 GB of test data had been evenly spread since june 2000, what continuous bandwidth would that have consumed?

During the years the testing software and hardware has been enhanced numerous times to improve accuracy and optimize testing times and server load. We continuously make adjustments and upgrades to ensure that you have access to a speed test you can trust and rely on.