Broadband Internet Speed test

Internet Speed test Bunny
Broadband Internet Speed test.

Last updated Nov 14 2005.

New article

Oct 14 2005, 10:03

Added an article on VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol (ie broadband phone service).

Directory and Blog

Nov 3 2005, 11:22

Added a directory and a blog.
News will most likely be posted in the blog from now on.

PR update and Poll

Oct 20 2005, 15:39

Apparently there was a Google Toolbar PR update, which put us at PR 4. Nice I guess.
Added a poll to the speed test results page, with broadband related questions. Enjoy.

New article

Oct 19 2005, 21:17

Added an article about MTU, Maximum Transmission Unit.

Email addresses fixed

Oct 19 2005, 11:19

There has been a problem with our email addresses recently. If you've tried to contact us regarding linking at link (at) you probably got a bounced email saying

550 sorry, no mailbox here by that name
That problem should be fixed now, so please try again.

Statistics got more info now

Oct 18 2005, 17:11

The statistics have been updated, with a counter for the total amount of data served since the dawn of time.
Also added is a link to Google utilizing its calculator to get the amount of continuous bandwidth used if all tests were enirely evenly spread.

Test software updated

Oct 16 2005, 14:47

The new version delivers improved accuracy, with less bandwidth consumed. The test should now be quicker, and easier on modem users.

Switch complete

Oct 12 2005, 22:48

The switch should now be complete and all pages have the new layout.

More pages switched

Oct 9 2005, 15:01

Even more pages are switched to the new layout. We've also added some more information about how ping works on the Ping me page.

Improved layout

Oct 9 2005, 00:24

The page layout has been improved. Not all pages are affected yet, but they should all be switched to the new layout within a week.
This should improve things a lot for you Firefox users who have not seen the site in its full glory.