What is Triple Play?

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Triple play, in a telecom context, is the convergence of voice, video and data, meaning you'll have one provider give you access to telephone services, TV and broadband Internet using one connection or access solution.

Do you need it, and why?
You probably already have telephone service and most likely you own a TV set. Maybe you also have an Internet connection at home.
Triple play is mostly a convenience for the customer, while it is big business for the telecom companies.
Getting one bill for three services would beat three bills. Also, you might get access to more TV channels with triple play in your area, and the broadband connection may be faster and better than what you have today.

For the telecom companies, with existing massive infrastructure, triple play is expected to be the next big revenue generator.

Triple play further down the road
In the future we should see the three services integrate and we should expect "new" services like two-way video calls and interactive television shows.

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