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  512 kbps
Speed test not completed successfully!

Unable to produce a report. No data for download speed available.
Go here to perform the broadband speed test.

Due to overhead in the data communications protocols used on the Internet, it is not possible to get 100% of the speed and bandwidth advertised by your provider.
If the above result is 10%-20% lower than the speed advertised by your Internet service provider, you have nothing to worry about.

Getting much lower test results than you expected?
Your computer may not be optimized for broadband. Read about tuning your computer and take the test again.

If your settings are already optimized there may be something between your computer and our test server that is slowing you down. Read more about how bandwidth works, and compare with some other speed test sites.

How fast can I download...?
The download calculator will give you examples on how fast you can download certain files.

Speed test statistics
View the number of speed tests performed.